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Dream Castle

Dedicated to your peace of mind

Our Villa

Come visit Dream Castle

 Stay at our hotel and enjoy special packages at great prices. We will help you experience the very best parts of the Villa and show you some hidden gems. Visit our beautiful locations during any season. Our private gated villa offers you 24-hour on property security.

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Phone Numbers

  • Toll free 888-747-9802
  • Local Telephone: (876) 953-8668
  • U.S.A.: (914) 840-5255
  • Reservations (6:00 P.M. – 9:00 A.M.) – (347) 201-2210

Relax in a luxurious environment where the staff and all amenities of the property are at your full disposal.

What we offer.

Enjoy 7 days on our Villa and see the best locations


King/Queen rooms

Best Bar on the Villa 

Babysitter(25/hr) per Kid

24-hour security

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